Personal Financial Planning for Family Stewards and Independents

More than Finances

We were referred to Sutton Financial Group in our 20's by friends who had similar life goals as us. Since the beginning, Sutton Financial Group has given us solid financial advice and helped us create a viable, long-term financial plan that works for us. They stand apart from other institutions because they know who we are and we have been able to share with them all of our long term concerns, goals and dreams. They have provided us with service we can trust and they have cultivated a relationship with us by demonstrating integrity, care, and honesty. They know our "story." We look forward to every meeting we have with our consultant because it is an exciting chance to share our successes and goals each year and it is an open an honest conversation with nothing held back. Not many people can say they look forward to talking with their investor, but we certainly can!

Michelle Rideout

Creating a Feeling of Confidence

Your financial portfolio is a very personal thing and it needs to be a reflection of you. In order to attain that status your advisor needs to have regular discussions around your risk comfort and ensure that you have an understanding of current trends that will allow for the right investment strategy. But it’s not all about the money, it’s also about creating a feeling of confidence that the team emulates your social and ethical values. All of this has been evident to us from day one with founder Bob Sutton and we have believed and trusted in this SFG standard for near 30 years. 

Bruce and Linda Richet

Your Best Interests are at Heart

I have been with Sutton Financial from its inception. My late husband & I were one of the first clients that founder Bob Sutton had. This company has guided us through both the good and bad times. They are not obtrusive in their contacts but keep in touch enough to know how best to meet your needs and expectations. They are always there to help when unexpected events occur. I would have been lost without their assistance when Barry passed ­but they helped me get everything in order and made sure I was doing OK. They are trust worthy, reliable, and truly do have your best interests at heart.

Sherri Johnson

Family Manager & Entrepreneur

Our family is unconventional with two families and existing financial situations coming together after a second marriage for both. Our advisor at Sutton, Jay Stark, has helped us create common goals and a plan to achieve them that includes all of our varied assets and complications. Additionally, Sutton's focus on education and sharing experiences has allowed us to broaden our view of our own financial health. We are accomplishing our family goals and looking forward to the next chapters with a strong financial foundation and the confidence to dream.

Jill Sauter

Integrated Planning for Family Business

Excellent Personal & Business Planning Experience

Fully integrated, personal service with YOUR goals (not just their bottom line). Personal client for years and now with a business. We’ve learned so much from SFG, saving considerable money while providing our employees a more robust benefits package. The training they provide, knowledge base, and down-to-earth approach is refreshing in a sterile, commissions-driven environment.

Chris Ransom
Ranco Manufacturing

Value Added!

A few years ago we started using Sutton Financial. That move was one of the best things we have done. Tim, at Sutton, has been great at generating a plan to help us move towards our long-term business and personal goals, with a balanced approach, not forgetting about enjoying our present life circumstances with 2 teenaged sons. Andrea, has crafted an excellent benefits package that is very competitive and attractive. She has also gone out of her way with our staff by putting a face to the name and making sure everyone has a clear understanding of their benefits. Seeing how Sutton runs their business has also been an example. They definitely focus on being a service based company, not only looking out for the betterment of their clients, but as Saskatoon as a whole. Bottom line, working with Sutton, specifically Tim and Andrea has been a valued added asset to us personally and as a business.

Kregg & Sherilyn Ochitwa
North 49 Physical Therapy

Benefits and Pension Planning for Community-Minded Businesses

Excellent, Timely and Professional Service

Our company, Loraas, is very pleased with the service that Sutton Financial provides. Sutton Financial truly cares about what matters to our company and acts in our best interests. We receive excellent, timely and professional service from Sutton Financial. Our expectations are quite high and we are completely satisfied with their responsiveness and quick address of any concerns, issues or opportunities. Sutton Financial often goes above and beyond and that has made a tremendous difference for us. Thank you!

Lynne Back
Loraas Disposal

Truly Care

Our company has been with Sutton Financial for the past five years and I cannot say enough about their tremendous customer support. Their personable employees continuously go above and beyond. They truly care about their customers and treat them as one of their own. Thank you Sutton Financial!

Angela Gosselin
Wilger Industries Ltd. / Quality Molded Plastics Ltd.

Exceptional Relationship based Business People

It's refreshing to see a business that does what they say they are going to. Their goal is to simply form a long term client/business relationship with honesty and a smile on their faces. We are pleased to partner with SFG as they are another business that chooses to give back and be a part of the community in which we all live.

Chelsea Stebner
Parr Autobody

Integrated Planning for Charities

A Valuable Learning Journey

Through the guidance of SFG, we gained a better understanding of how our staff perceives our current benefits and rewards package. Along with their market expertise and trends research, SFG provided us with solutions within our budget to improve and communicate our staff benefits and rewards - some didn’t even know they had. Overall, the feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive and we received many thanks for being open and transparent and engaging staff in the process. Our relationship with Andrea and the entire Sutton Financial team has been very positive and a valuable learning journey. We are pleased with our enhanced staff benefits package and rewards strategy and are confident in the ongoing support and guidance from SFG. 

Marcelline Zimmer, Director of Operations
Ronald McDonald House Charities Saskatchewan

Personal Development

Highly Rewarding

I participated in a MBTI workshop that was being done by Andrea. I was a bit apprehensive going in - but was quickly amazed by what I was learning. Andrea provided great insight into each of our results as individuals as well as the overall results of the group. She brought meaning to the data and helped us all grow as individuals. I found the overall experience to be highly rewarding and believe it will pay dividends for many years to come. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone that would like to improve themselves, their team and their life.

Greg Sutton, CEO
TinyEYE Therapy Services

Interesting, Informative and Most of All, Fun!

The couples retreat we attended at the invitation of Sutton Financial Group was interesting, informative, but most of all fun. The no pressure atmosphere was an ideal way to learn the characteristics of my spouse’s and my personality types. Knowing each other’s personality types enables us to better communicate and understand each other because you understand how the other person interprets what and how you are saying things. The course even provides you with effective techniques to aid in achieving better communication. Whether you are in a strong relationship, or one that requires additional work, I recommend attending this course.

Michael Gorniak

Maximizing Personal Leadership Potential

An in-house session on Maximizing Personal Leadership Potential delivered by Andrea Hansen helped build community within our organization, the Global Gathering Place. The feedback received from staff was very positive. They felt considerably rejuvenated and empowered with the session's focus on positively overcoming challenges and fears, building good habits, setting goals and priorities, and living within one’s core values. It was a wonderful team-building day. Andrea’s presenting style kept everyone engaged and made the day seem short. She facilitated the session eloquently, professionally, and with ease. I'd highly recommend Andrea to any organization looking for an injection of enthusiasm in the workplace.

Belma Podrug
Global Gathering Place

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