Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are not about philosophy. It’s who we are. And it's not just about what we do. It's why we do it. We believe our work inspires people to greater life fulfillment so that they are able to impact their world in a meaningful way. We are best fit to work with clients whose beliefs are aligned what we believe. 

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We Care Image

We Care

We Believe...

Your interests come first
Your family is worth protecting
People are more important than things
You can make a difference

Caring in Action

Just In Case Binder

Do your loved ones know your final wishes?  Harold Empey created a special “Just In Case” binder, a comprehensive package to help you prepare and facilitate what is necessary following a death. It’s a great tool to ease the burden family and friends and communicate what matters most.


If you seek mentorship or have a desire to volunteer your time and talent to invest in another person’s success, the Raj Manek Mentorship Program pairs protégés with mentors based on values and goals.  Our experiences have been very rewarding as protégé and mentor.

We Learn Image

We Learn

We Believe...

In continuous learning
In focusing on our expertise
In collaborating with our experts
In educating our clients

Learning in Action

Client Education

We host a variety learning sessions to educate and empower clients to make positive decisions.  Clients learn valuable strategies to overcome common challenges such as recruitment & retention, money saving tips for kids, timely decisions to consider upon retirement and many more.

Continuous Learning

All of our advisors have Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification, the industry gold standard in financial planning.  Each completes professional education courses every year and as part of the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CFP professionals.

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We Share

We Believe...

We are better together
In building a better community
In making good things happen for other people

Sharing in Action

Random Acts of Kindness

We know the simplest acts of kindness can have a meaningful impact on the lives of others. We created a Facebook Page for a place for people to share stories that inspire ideas and kindness in others. Download a Pay It Forward Card and share your story!

SFG Smartphone App

We have developed a free App as a tool to share the contact details and a description of services of our preferred providers.  Some offer preferred rates to SFG clients. Download the app for IOS & Android by searching for Sutton Financial Group in your app store.

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We Build

We Believe...

The future has something to say
Your personal and business lives are inseparable
One plan does not fit all
In unbiased advice and product selection
A plan without action is not a plan
Authentic success is more than money

Building in Action

As An Independent Firm

We are a full service brokerage, contracted with all of the major life insurance companies, and are able to offer a full suite of investments products through Manulife Securities Incorporated.  As an independent firm, we give unbiased advice free from conflicts of interest.

Personal Leadership Training

We offer character based leadership training workshops using the proprietary MAXIMIZERS principles to develop leaders so they can enhance their own effectiveness while empowering the team they manage to reach their full potential.

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We serve our clients by providing expert advice in financial planning, benefits & pension and personal development