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Date: 07/03/2019

 Your 1-Minute Leadership Tip

Words to Inspire.  

It doesn’t seem long ago that I was at Kent Smith-Windsor's retirement party where business leaders referred to Kent as the “Mentor of Leaders”. 

Shortly after he retired, the Kent-Smith Windsor Leadership Award was established to recognize individuals that among other criteria, "have the capacity for leadership and are able to contribute to the business community by inspiring those around them".

When I found out that I was the recipient this year, I was blown away.  What a gift to receive an award named after one of your own mentors! When preparing to deliver a short acceptance speech, I pondered what I could share that would inspire the audience.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t quite picture myself yet as a 90-year-old sitting in a rocking chair on a beautiful afternoon reflecting on what words of wisdom I can share with my grandchildren. 

But, I knew I could share what I have learned so far…and so the speech evolved into simple Words of Advice

  • What you work hard for and achieve is the most rewarding.  Life is not supposed to be easy.
  • The choices you make today affect your future, so be intentional of the path you are creating.  
  • Your thoughts are self-fulfilling.  If you look for dust, you’ll find dust – so don’t look for it.
  • It always works out and most times for the better.
  • There are people in your life that will hurt you and disappoint you, but do not let them define you. They are part of your life to teach you.
  • Sharing with others is better than keeping it for yourself. 
  • If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.
  • If you are going to Be in the Game…BE IN THE GAME
  • Be positive and smile a lot.  It’s contagious.
  • Walk with purpose and be the first to say "hello".  

What are the things you want your kids to know?  What lessons could you share with your team at work?  

No one needs to wait until they are in a rocking chair to share their Words of Advice

We don’t know who might need to hear our message right now!   I would love to hear it your best advice – you can practice by sharing it with me.     


Andrea Hansen, B.Comm., CFP, GBA
Business Advisor


Words may Inspire but only Action creates Change

                                                       - Simon Sinek



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