The 4 Pillars

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Date: 11/06/2019

 Your 1-Minute IMPACT YOUR WORLD Tip

While on vacation recently I had a moment, while sitting 10,023 Feet atop the Haleakala Summit watching the sunset, to ponder and reflect.  I was excited to be thankful for that special moment in one of our favorite places in the world with some of the most special people in our lives.

At this height it felt like we were safely sitting at the top of the world on an island in the middle of the ocean. The clouds were below us and gave us the feeling of being protected from anything beneath them.

The reality is, the ocean can be incredibly fierce and you must protect yourself. The clouds can’t help. Hurricanes and storms devastate houses by the ocean.

One of the ways to protect an ocean-side house is to build it on pillars.

Much safer. 

Your RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE is no different.

The 4 Pillars to Retire Abundantly are:

Pillar #1: Becoming the PERSON You Want to Be

Pillar #2: Doing the THINGS You Want To Do

Pillar #3: Being With the PEOPLE You Want to Be With

Pillar #4: Making the DIFFERENCE You Want To Make

Picture becoming the person you want to be, while doing the things you want, with the people you like, AND making the difference you want to make.

Would you say that would be abundant? Enjoying yourself and finishing strong?

I think so. Hope you agree.

So… what is standing in the way of you being able to have an ABUNDANT RETIREMENT?

NOW is the time to remove the obstacles and protect yourself from the dangers, because it is not a pipe dream.

It can be your reality.

Do ONE thing today! Write down what it means to you.

Start by writing down a sentence that would describe the ideal in each one of the pillars.

Then have your plan tested to be sure it’s in harmony with what you wrote down!


Tim Hansen, B.Comm., CFP
Certified Financial Planner




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