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Date: 09/07/2019

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Well summer is finally here. My favourite part is all the green; the grass, leaves and of course Gainer’s eyes!? As an avid fan, my family and I attended the season home opener of my beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders. I am sure the fans reaction to Gainer’s makeover caught the marketing team off guard. A night full of the unexpected including a 2-hour game delay because of summer storm.  It was a late-night driving home and my family all fell asleep in the car. 

As I started to tune out the radio as all the callers were complaining about Gainer, my mind drifted to the times when my daughter was little, and I would make up a story to get her to sleep. It went something like this:

Let me tell you a story…
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful queen and her handsome king in a castle in the middle of a fair land…
You've read many, many stories like this before. 
What’s the first thing the king would build around his castle?
A moat.

The moat kept people from digging tunnels into the castle and made it difficult to wade across for a full-frontal attack. Long before the enemy could swim across with weapons, the castle guards would be able to attack.
We’ve talked about the Four Pillars to an Abundant Retirement.
There is one more thing.
Even with the Four Pillars in place, you are still vulnerable to life’s uncertainties.

Once you have your Four Pillars secured, you must find a way to protect yourself from those things that blind-side you unexpectedly in life.

The concept is to build a “moat” around you and your wealth. A moat that protects against life’s uncertainties.
Step one is to determine which uncertainties you and your wealth are most vulnerable to. Next, put in place custom strategies and tools to protect yourself and your wealth.
All the strategies are a combination of legal or financial tools.
This concept of defending yourself, your loved ones, and all that you value with a moat started in ancient times.

It is even more necessary today. There are even more wealth predators.
With your moat in place, you will experience greater control, more peace, and a greater sense of freedom. Allowing you to have a greater impact on the world.

No better time than now to get your “wealth moat” in place, so you can sleep easier at night.
Want to see if you are vulnerable? Have us stress-test your wealth plan.
How does the story end with Gainer?  It’s fairy tale too…all I know is magically Gainer’s eyes turned from the wild green back to dark brown the next time the Riders played! 

Tim Hansen, B.Comm., CFP
Certified Financial Planner




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