Imagine this happening to you…

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Date: 23/04/2019

 Your 1-Minute Leadership Tip

Imagine this happening to you…
You wake up one morning to discover that you are dead. Well, not actually dead. Yet, your local newspaper reports your death and runs your obituary.
You are reading your own obituary! Weird…
Actually, this is not as rare as you may think.
This has happened several times over the years.
When Mark Twain's cousin died, a reporter thought it was the famed writer. Mark Twain wrote, “The report of my death has been greatly exaggerated.”
Same for Alfred Nobel.
His brother had recently died, and at least one publication got confused and announced that the inventor of dynamite had died, saying that “The Merchant of Death Is Dead.”
He really hated that others saw him that way. And would remember him that way.
He spent the rest of his life making sure he would be remembered for the things that meant the most to him. He established the Nobel Peace Prize to champion what he valued most, while he was living… and after he was gone.
In effect, he rewrote his obituary. His legacy! 

Imagine how lucky I felt when I got meet Hockey Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald (pictured with me and my friend Trevor) at a recent charity event.  He is alive and well, and yet he rewrote his legacy with me.  From that of a hockey legend, to a genuine, caring, ambassador for being a great person.  He is spending his retirement making sure he will be remembered for more than hockey.

How do you want to be remembered? Will your current wealth plan ensure that you will be remembered for what you value most?
If not, rewrite it… and your obituary.
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P.S. I’ve even been mistaken for another Jay Stark, the 1987 6th round NHL draft pick of the Detroit Red Wings.  We have a name in common, and neither of us played a game in the NHL!!


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