Do you have what it takes?

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Date: 14/08/2018


Do you have what it takes?
My family loves to explore Northern Saskatchewan.  You could say it's a family tradition.  We love the break from wifi, the peace and solitude, the challenge, and the time to connect with each other. 
Our last adventure was on the Fond Du Lac river; a beautiful, remote, challenging, and fun river trip. 
Before we started our trip, I spoke with an authority on canoeing this river to affirm if she thought my family had what it took to paddle the Fond Du Lac. 
She affirmed that we had the skill to complete the trip.  And that we would need GRIT to go with it, or we shouldn’t attempt it. 
So, off we went on our 11 hour drive to start our wilderness adventure for 2018.  If we didn't have enough grit at the start of our trip, we certainly had it by the end!
I've come to the same conclusion about financial plans:  They need grit, too.  A little intimidating, hard to initiate, and even harder to be patient while things come together. However, unexecuted plans are all too common. 
Mixing in a little GRIT is all we need to bring life to our planning.  Here's what my favorite authority on GRIT has to say about the importance of effort.  Will only take you seven minutes to gain her wisdom. 

Do you have enough GRIT to check it out: GRIT - Angela Duckworth Ted Talk (6:12)
And, if you're ready for the Fond Du Lac, let's go for coffee.  I'll share a couple ‘rocks to avoid’ stories.
Happy Planning & Happy paddling.



Jay Stark, B.Comm., CFP
Certified Financial Planner


Don't seek security, seek adventure.  It's better to live 30 years full of adventure than a hundred years safe in the corner.”
                                                      - Jim Rohn


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