CPP Update

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Date: 10/07/2018


Retire Abundantly

I’m betting you don’t bet.
Succesful people rarely do. Certainly not in a big way.
And certainly not when it comes to their lifestyle and security in retirement.
Relying on the government, the Canada Pension and Old Age Security to provide anything other than a minimal part of your retirement income and security is…

Well… betting.
It’s like buying a lottery ticket as your plan for the future.
Many changes are coming to the Canada Pension Plan that make it a risky bet for retirement planning.

What changes? Nobody knows. It’s in the hands of future politicians. How does that make you feel?

Among other things, you may soon have to wait until you are older to get benefits, and the cost of living increases may be reduced.
The message here is crystal clear. 
Don't gamble.
Take control. Get a lifestyle and retirement income plan that puts you in the driver seat… not at the lottery window.

Tim Hansen B.Comm., CFP
Certified Financial Planner


Only you can control your future.”
                                                      - Dr. Seuss 


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