Kindness and Grit


My daughter’s Grade 5 class did an “I Quote” project, using art to illustrate their own quote. I was touched deeply reading Victoria’s quote. She is a try-hard kid with a big heart and lots of grit. Now we can start the debate…nature or nurture?

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Hope your retirement isn’t suffering "pot roast syndrome"…


Many people assume that what worked yesterday still works today. Or that you can solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. Have you heard the “Pot Roast Syndrome” story?

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Are you the Author of your Story?


You don’t have to write a book to master the art of storytelling. You do need to develop and practice this skill. No one should have to wonder, “the point of your story is…what?”

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The one-legged retirement disaster…


I started a tradition a couple of years ago of taking each of my daughters on a father-daughter trip the year they turn 12. This year it was Abby’s turn, and she chose Banff National Park as our destination. This past August we packed up and had a great time camping, hiking and biking in the mountains.

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Is your retirement income like the dodo bird?


At Easter time this year we took a family vacation to Victoria, British Columbia. We had many adventures including the Redwood forests, Butchart Gardens and one of the family favorites was the Royal British Columbia Museum. I highly recommend it, they have some great exhibits. I never thought childhood items like cassettes and VHS Tapes would be in a museum already. Our kids love nature and they were amazed to learn about the extinction of the dodo bird.

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Do you just wing it?


Do you like to just “wing it” when you are making a pitch? Or, do you start with the end in mind and plan, prepare and practice?

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Do you have what it takes?


Financial plans need GRIT.. A little intimidating, hard to initiate, and even harder to be patient while things come together. However, unexecuted plans are all too common. Mixing in a little GRIT is all we need to bring life to our planning.

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Seasons for Everything


Any person in business long enough knows you can’t control the markets and the ebbs and flow of business. There are seasons for everything including your business. The key is to recognize when you are in a season and don’t pretend you are not.

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CPP Update


Relying on the government, the Canada Pension and Old Age Security to provide anything other than a minimal part of your retirement income and security is… Well… betting. Many changes are coming to the Canada Pension Plan that make it a risky bet for retirement planning.

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Do you take time to pause or are you “too busy”?


Have you ever been in a meeting knowing the person was not fully engaged? Sometimes it’s obvious if they are looking at their phone or distracted. They might even tell you, they are just “too busy” and have a lot on their mind! If you are going to be there, BE THERE.

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What do you want, custom-built or cookie cutter?


Is your ideal lifestyle and retirement the same as everyone else’s? Doubtful. Different lifestyle and retirement ideals require different plans. Demand custom of your financial advisor.

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Is Your Lifestyle in Retirement in Sudden Death?


Do you really want to wait for the last few years of life to know if you've won? It will rob you all the joy.

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