SFG Coaching Connection Webinar Series: What's New in Group Benefits?


Date: 22/08/2018

Business Owners and Plan Administrators 

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This Coaching Connection Webinar is 22 MINUTES of live instruction on What's New in Group Benefits!


Topics Include:

  • SFG Employee Engagements Wheel ™ – Is it time to reflect on your current Talent Attraction & Retention Strategy?
  • What’s in the Price?  How do Insurance Carriers price your Business?
  • Does your plan measure up? A look at Benchmarking Tools
  • Products & Services – What’s NEW? What is your plan missing?
  • Other value adds that might not cost you a thing!


You can join from any PC or mobile device browser.  


** If you can't make it, contact us!  We will send you a recording of the webinar to listen to at your convenience.   





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