Three Insights from “Chamber on Tap” Host Evan Drisner


Evan Drisner is an experienced leader in the finance, construction and non-profit industries and works as Sales and Business Development Manager for Nu-Fab Building Products. He is passionate about business and community building and has been actively involved in the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. He has served as board member, committee member, co-host of the SABEX Awards, and for the past 9 years, as host of the popular networking event Chamber on Tap, profiling Saskatoon business leaders for a “pint-sized chat.”

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Do you take time to pause or are you “too busy”?


Have you ever been in a meeting knowing the person was not fully engaged? Sometimes it’s obvious if they are looking at their phone or distracted. They might even tell you, they are just “too busy” and have a lot on their mind! If you are going to be there, BE THERE.

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What do you want, custom-built or cookie cutter?


Is your ideal lifestyle and retirement the same as everyone else’s? Doubtful. Different lifestyle and retirement ideals require different plans. Demand custom of your financial advisor.

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Spring Newsletter 2018


Featuring articles by the SFG Team including "Have a Mentor, Be a Mentor," how to avoid RRSP and TFSA tax penalties, "3 Insights I Learned from Betty-Ann Heggie," Pay It Forward day, personal development and more.

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Is Your Lifestyle in Retirement in Sudden Death?


Do you really want to wait for the last few years of life to know if you've won? It will rob you all the joy.

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SFG Coaching Connection Webinar Series: Tips on how to Administer your Employee Benefits Plan


SFG’s second Coaching Connection webinar was on May 16th titled “Tips on how to Administer your Employee Benefits Plan”. The focus was to review the many responsibilities of an employee benefits plan administrator, to provide tips on implementing internal policies and suggest communication strategies.

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The Evolving Landscape of Group Benefits


The Business Advisor Magazine recently interviewed Andrea Hansen regarding the Evolving Landscape of Group Benefits. In the interview, Andrea explains the new trends facing employers, how employees view their benefits, the implications of these views on employers, and provides advice for employers.

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Three Insights on Building your Legacy


My experiences both as a Philanthropic Consultant and a Financial Advisor have provided me with a unique perspective in understanding and appreciating the giving philosophy and drivers of many Saskatchewan families as they seek to contribute to their community and create a lasting legacy. One of life’s biggest ironies is how we often reflect on our own personal legacy at the end of our life, after it’s been built and there is little we can do to enhance it. That’s when we may realize our best intentions didn’t match our actions, or we didn’t set any goals or direction in the first place. With that in mind, I had a conversation with entrepreneur and philanthropist JoeAnne Hardy, President of Saskatoon-based WBM Technologies. JoeAnne grew up in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and cites her upbringing and parents’ lifestyle as being key to her belief that we all need a purpose to our lives.

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Three Insights I Learned From Kim Weimer


Kim Weimer is the President of Fastener Warehouse Ltd., which is a wholesale distributor of specialty and standard fasteners in Saskatoon with branches in Regina and Winnipeg. Founded in 1994 with her husband Bob Weimer, the company grew from its original 1,500 sq.ft. warehouse to the current main branch of 60,000 sq.ft., which houses over 20,000 products.

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Do You Pan for Gold Nuggets?


Pan for gold nuggets. On a recent trip to Victoria, B.C., we had the opportunity to learn how to pan for gold nuggets at the Royal BC Museum. A friendly, knowledgable (and patient) volunteer was teaching my children. It was fascinating watching them practice the technique and see their excitement when the dirt and rocks would wash away (along with small gold flakes) and they were left with some precious small nuggets.

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The Benefits of Mentorship


Every experience has value. During a challenging time in business, a mentor shared a metaphor about the Tapestry of Life. Sometimes we focus on the backside of the tapestry (yes, we all do) which looks messy, tangled, frayed and may not seem connected at all.

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