Greater than the Sum of its Parts


Chris Ransom never predicted she would become the second-generation business owner of Ranco Millwork + Commercial Cabinetry (Ranco Millwork), a custom millwork and cabinetry business founded by her parents in 1984. Having moved more than 10 times before age 10, Chris learned early that the only constant in life is change, some of which you control and some not. She is a driver of change and those who know Chris will often hear her say, “Even better if…” She loves creating something new and is motivated by the meaning behind those creations. “It’s simply not just about building cabinets.”

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Here’s why averages are dangerous…


My grandfather, John (Jack) Sutton, passed away on October 11th last year, at the age of 94. My grandmother, Hazel, is also 94 years old, and they would have celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary in December. While we will miss Grandpa a lot, we are grateful to have had so much time with him.

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SFG Coaching Connection Webinar Series: What You Need to Know about your Chambers Group Plan Renewal


Your 2019 Chambers Plan Renews on April 1st! Find out what you need to know as the plan administrator during our 22 Minute Webinar on February 28th at 11:00 am.

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Will your grandchildren know?


Once upon a time… Stories impart wisdom. And stories get passed on. Will yours?

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Pass the Torch


The beginning of a calendar year is a great time to take stock of all your extra-curricular activities. My nature was to always say, “Yes” and then figure out how to make it work. Those “Yeses” meant being part of lots of great organizations and volunteer committees, chairing events, fundraising and so on, but it all adds up. Does that sound like you?

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The Ripple Effect


Business owners often share how other people helped them along the way, whether it was mentoring, advice or new experiences that changed their perspective. I know “people along the way” include great Coaches and Teachers thatinfluenced those future successful entrepreneurs and taught them far more than technical skills. Business leaders, like coaches know they can’t do it alone. They need to build a great team of coaches for their whole team to succeed.

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You can benefit from Ben Franklin’s mistake...


You've probably heard the old saying from Benjamin Franklin, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”

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The Power of Positive Mindset


When you meet Percy Hoff, the owner of Diesel Services Group, founded in 1983, you’ll meet an energetic, yet content, individual. You learn quickly that there are years of wisdom to be shared behind his sincere nature. He is content not in a complacent way, but in a confident way in that he knows that whatever experience comes next, he will make the best of it.

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SFG's Christmas Reward Ideas


Santa told us your team made the “Nice List” this year! In the spirit of giving, he has called upon the elves at SFG to prepare REWARD IDEAS to make 2019 even more merrier for your employees.

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Kindness and Grit


My daughter’s Grade 5 class did an “I Quote” project, using art to illustrate their own quote. I was touched deeply reading Victoria’s quote. She is a try-hard kid with a big heart and lots of grit. Now we can start the debate…nature or nurture?

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Hope your retirement isn’t suffering "pot roast syndrome"…


Many people assume that what worked yesterday still works today. Or that you can solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. Have you heard the “Pot Roast Syndrome” story?

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Fall Newsletter 2018


Featuring articles by the SFG Team including “3 Insights on Building your Legacy,” “The Evolving Landscape of Group Benefits," Seeds for Dreams, Random Kindness Day, personal development and more.

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