Are you the Author of your Story?


You don’t have to write a book to master the art of storytelling. You do need to develop and practice this skill. No one should have to wonder, “the point of your story is…what?”

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Hurricane Dani: Thriving in Chaos


At age 18, Danielle Robson was living in Alberta and going to university, with plans to become a lawyer. Her best friend’s dad owned several Tim Hortons franchises in Edmonton and one of Danielle’s jobs was working for him. He recognized something special about Danielle and threw out the idea that she should apply for her own store. With support from her family, they did, and three weeks later, in June 2003, they had their first Tim Hortons store in Saskatoon, on Fairlight Drive.

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The one-legged retirement disaster…


I started a tradition a couple of years ago of taking each of my daughters on a father-daughter trip the year they turn 12. This year it was Abby’s turn, and she chose Banff National Park as our destination. This past August we packed up and had a great time camping, hiking and biking in the mountains.

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Is your retirement income like the dodo bird?


At Easter time this year we took a family vacation to Victoria, British Columbia. We had many adventures including the Redwood forests, Butchart Gardens and one of the family favorites was the Royal British Columbia Museum. I highly recommend it, they have some great exhibits. I never thought childhood items like cassettes and VHS Tapes would be in a museum already. Our kids love nature and they were amazed to learn about the extinction of the dodo bird.

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Cannabis 101: Managing Cannabis in the Workplace


Sep 26 - Get Key Takeaways and Strategies you need to prepare for the legalization of cannabis. Time is Running Out! Adult-Use Cannabis is legalized on October 17! Register Today!

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Three Insights from Seeds for Dreams


Seeds for Dreams offers woman-owned Saskatchewan businesses seed capital through a unique pitch & vote event held quarterly. Businesses apply to pitch to the member investors; three companies are selected to pitch at each event and member investors then vote for the pitch they liked best. Over the last year and half, membership has grown to 100 members, 18 entrepreneurs have pitched and over $50,000 has been donated directly to the six winning entrepreneurs.

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Leading Through Change


Jason Mewis, President of ENGCOMP, shares the challenges that this engineering firm has faced over the past five years, given the extended downturn in the resource sector. Although the company will soon celebrate its 15th anniversary, Jason still feels like the business is in the startup phase. And perhaps to the founder it always will, since the business has to continually adapt. Jason is optimistic that this experience has strengthened the business and the team but looks forward to a shift from the challenges of recent times. Jason believes that by investing in a great culture and attracting the best people, he has insulated the business.

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Do you just wing it?


Do you like to just “wing it” when you are making a pitch? Or, do you start with the end in mind and plan, prepare and practice?

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Do you have what it takes?


Financial plans need GRIT.. A little intimidating, hard to initiate, and even harder to be patient while things come together. However, unexecuted plans are all too common. Mixing in a little GRIT is all we need to bring life to our planning.

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Back by Popular Demand! Maximize Your Talent Strategy - October 23, 2018


Attract the Best. Keep the Best. We will show you how! This workshop is designed to uncover essential (even crucial) components that MUST be re-evaluated to attract and retain the best talent. Read more for workshop details.

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