Drive Performance Through a Strategic Approach to Benefits


Healthy Team. Healthy Bottom Line. Learn practical strategies to drive performance and align your group benefits plan to achieve desired results.

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If You Want To Finish Strong, Go Together


If you Want to Finish Strong, Go Together. That was the theme of the TED Talk that Tim and I delivered at the Advocis National AGM & Symposium held in Saskatoon, SK. Our version was a slightly different take on the African Proverb, “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Protect yourself like the kings of old…


Well summer is finally here. My favourite part is all the green; the grass, leaves and of course Gainer’s eyes!? As an avid fan, my family and I attended the season home opener of my beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders. I am sure the fans reaction to Gainer’s makeover caught the marketing team off guard. A night full of the unexpected including a 2-hour game delay because of summer storm.  It was a late-night driving home and my family all fell asleep in the car. 

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Just Jump


Every summer, my husband and I along with our two sons take a week-long vacation to Jan Lake, SK. This location has been a family favourite for more than 20 years and yet somehow, there was a spot on the lake I had never seen before.

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The 4 Pillars


While on vacation recently I had a moment, while sitting 10,023 Feet atop the Haleakala Summit watching the sunset, to ponder and reflect. I was excited to be thankful for that special moment in one of our favorite places in the world with some of the most special people in our lives.

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Spring Newsletter 2019


Featuring articles by the SFG Team including “What's Your Story?" and "Words to Inspire", Pay It Forward initiatives, Personal Development and MORE.

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No Excuses


Katherine Regnier is the CEO and founder of Coconut Software. This fearless tech leader believes that if you work hard enough, anything is possible. In her 10 years in business, she has had to pivot more than once. How does a company go from two people with a $5,000 business loan to a team of over 50 employees and raising $4.9 million in venture capital? From designing scheduling software for massage therapists to building an enterprise solution for banks and credit unions? It may appear all glamour, but Katherine will tell you that’s far from the truth. It’s hard work. It’s real and very raw. There’s no room for excuses.

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Home is where you make it


Home is where you make it. I often casually remark that Saskatoon is just a big small town. We all know “somebody who knows somebody”.

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What's your story?


On May 1st I had the opportunity to share our family business story at the 1st Annual Family Business Excellence Dinner, hosted by Family Business Association Saskatoon. This is the organization that was birthed out of the former Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE). Sutton Financial Group was named the Canadian Family Business of the Year for CAFE in 2016, which was a huge honour for my parents as we celebrated their years of success in business.

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Imagine this happening to you…


Imagine this happening to you… You wake up one morning to discover that you are dead. Well, not actually dead. Yet, your local newspaper reports your death and runs your obituary.

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Can’t this wait?


The NSBA Business Builder Awards were held on March 20th and it was an incredible night with many examples of “Persevering to Possibilities” (which was the theme for the night). My business partner, Andrea Hansen, co-hosted the event with Brenda Nowakowski of JNE Welding, and they were outstanding.

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Is part-time advice killing your money?


Each year, the Suttons, Starks and Hansens all pack up their families for a partner retreat and we head north to Elk Ridge Resort, a true Saskatchewan gem, for a weekend getaway. It is a very rewarding time for our families to connect and enjoy some of the great winter activities Saskatchewan can offer.

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