The SFG Approach

Here is a glimpse of our refreshing approach to building authentic success. We call it the SFG Approach. We have designed our approach to align with and integrate the needs of our clients whether they are personal financial clients, business clients or business owner clients. It is distinguished by three unique and important stages that illustrate our philosophy of serving clients throughout the stages of their life and business. Our approach provides a framework that is structured, holistic and presents benefits beyond your personal financial plan or company’s benefits plan. 

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Step 1


As your goals actualize, the focus shifts to managing financial independence and actualizing the legacy and impact you have been fostering. For business clients, continuity of the business is the focus and includes leadership development training to promote a successful succession plan.

Step 2


Integrating your strategic plan through goal prioritization and behaviour management coaching. For business clients, the focus is on your talent attraction and retention strategies and enhancing culture initiatives to strengthen your business in preparation for the future.

Step 3


Managing risk to protect your family and business from catastrophic loss, identifying & establishing meaningful goals and creating wealth strategies.

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We serve our clients by providing expert advice in financial planning, benefits & pension and personal development